Yunnan Copper Compagny

Yunnan Copper Compagny

Yunnan Copper Industry Company is China’s third-largest copper producer. The business has diversified in several metals, such as gold and silver.

The Company

Yunnan Copper Company Limited was created in 1958 in the province of Yunnan, in the south of China, under the name Yunnan Smelting Plant. After being bought back in 1996 by three companies in the sector, Yunnan Copper Industry was created in the form of a public capital company.

The group’s philosophy is based on innovation and the search for innovative processes.

Refining – Products

Yunnan Copper Industry owns production processes that are among the most recent in the market.

The refinery has the classics, such as the 1kilogram gold bar with a minimum 99.995% fineness. Their gold bars are Shanghai Gold Exchange certified.

Their 1,000oz silver bars are LBMA certified. These bars are made of silver with 99.999% fineness. The company started producing silver in October 1970, and its annual silver production surpasses 30 metric tons.

Other Services

Yunnan Copper Industry produces several industrial metals such as copper, which is at the heart of its business, but also zinc, platinum, palladium, selenium, sulphuric acid, and others.


Yunnan Copper Industry’s gold bars are certified Good Delivery on the Shanghai Gold Exchange in Asia. In 2004, Yunnan Copper Industry was added to the official (and very selective) list of silver refiners approved by the LBMA.

The refinery respects all standards with respect to the environment, fineness, and quality of bars, as deemed by the numerous certifications awarded by Chinese authorities.

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