NTR Metals

NTR Metals

NTR Metals is one of the largest precious metals companies in the world. Its full and complete range of services is destined for business clients and is not accessible to individuals.

The Company

Founded in Dallas in 2004, NTR Metals refines more than 14,000 tons of precious metals each year and performs recycling, production and refining for more than 30,000 companies worldwide.

It is one of the few refineries that support the entirety of production processes within its own structure. 

The company refines gold and silver and other metals such as platinum or palladium. Their products are not solely for investment purposes, since many professionals use their services, such as dentists for gold fillings.

NTR Metals operates more than 75 branches around the world. These numerous branches allow for rapid delivery of their products and are used as collection points for professionals.

After just a few years of existence, NTR’s meteoric rise in the precious metals industry is quite remarkable.

Refining – Products

NTR is renowned for its exceptional products, all made of 0.9999 gold and 0.999 silver. The company manages the whole of its products’ life cycles, maintaining an exceptional level of quality.

NTR Metals uses sophisticated processes that allow refining in record time, while respecting the standards of production and quality of the products. NTR Metals also recuperates and recycles precious metals.

NTR does not offer many products, with only three sizes of silver bars (1oz, 10oz and 100oz) and three sizes of gold bars (1/10oz, 1oz and 1kg).

NTR’s 1oz gold triangle, a triangular gold bar, is its most desired product.

Other Services

NTR Metals markets gold and silver coins produced by other refineries. You can purchase the main investment coins (Maple Leaf, Krugerrand...) from them.

NTR has its own currency exchange to fend off currency fluctuations and it has its own trading platform as well.


NTR Metals is certified by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA), which means its gold and silver bars are Good Delivery accredited. Their products meet international standards of weight and purity.


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